It’s all in the details

I’ve always enjoyed the smaller things in life. The little minute details that are often overlooked and you have to read between the lines to catch and appreciate. It can be a certain freckle (in my case, it’s the one on my cat’s bottom lip) or the way someone laughs.

When you think about the small things that make you happy what do they look like? Is it a certain coffee mug? A favorite perfume? Is it the way your husband smiles and one tooth is a little off?

I love personalizing shoots to the small details that make you, you!

I encourage my ladies to bring along the little things that make them smile or to showcase something about themselves they love. I have seen things in the studio from a wine glass that she got on her honeymoon to a guitar, we have showcased many scars and one client even brought her dog whom she adores along. *cough* I will never turn down an animal. *cough* To me, these images are all about what makes you shine and special so when you book we’ll be sure to go over what those things might be and how we can incorporate them into your shoot.