Nudes…do you shoot them?

If you’re new to my website then you are probably wondering…what if I want to do implied nudes at the end of my shoot? If you’ve followed me for a while you’re probably wondering “where did all the nudes go?” So in short…yes, I do photograph tasteful implied nudes IF a client wants to do them at the end of her session. Of course, there is absolutely no obligation and I even say if you’ve ever had a baby or been to do the doctor then they’ve seen way more than I will.

So what are implied nudes? Imagine waking up first thing in the morning, rolling over in the sheets, sitting up with the sheet (and nothing else) wrapped around you and looking out the window. Perhaps you’re walking out of the shower with a towel on your head and one around your body and it slips off a bit. Maybe you want to accentuate a certain part of your body like the décolletage or butt in a silhouette or with dark shadows – we can totally do that. Another favorite is shots with water droplets that showcase specific body parts. I do not photograph spread eagle or crotch shots, though.

I actually believe tasteful nudes can make beautiful artwork

So, why did I take them off my website? I have come to believe that our bodies are beautiful and sacred and not just anyone should have the right to look at them. Shocking for a boudoir photographer, right?! Believe me, there’s a lot more where that came from that I’ll be getting into soon but I truly think we should hold our bodies to a higher standard and be more selective about who we share such a beautiful thing with.

If you’d like to see a portfolio of tasteful nudes I photograph I would love for you to come to the studio for a free consultation and you can view our nude portfolio in person. Of course, every woman showcased within has given me permission to share and men are not allowed in my studio. I also only photograph nudes on a client by client bases if I know that you are 100% comfortable with it and of course, as always, you will sign a contract stating so (and can rest assured they will never end up on the internet).